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Supress Products Launches Revolutionary Sound-engineered, Anti-mold Plywood

Sound Suppression Industry Leader Launches Next Revolutionary Product

San Rafael, CA – May 29, 2007 – Supress Products, LLC, the leader in cost-effective, easy-to-install solutions to unwanted problems in residential and commercial structures, today announced the nationwide availability of Supress Sound-Engineered Anti-Mold Plywood (SEP-AM). An innovative solution which solves the two largest problems in building construction today, Supress SEP-AM provides exceptional noise and vibration absorption, effectively eliminating sound pollution in new structures and existing floors, walls and ceilings while suppressing mold growth anywhere on the panels.

For years, building codes have focused on ensuring that structures have exceptional strength and fire-resistance. As a result, buildings transmit unwanted noise and sound energy, to which multi-family, multi-occupant buildings are the most prone due to the close proximity of neighbors who live or work adjacent, above, and below. Single family homes are also victims of invasive noise from powerful theaters and living rooms with media centers to busy roadways, freeways or airports.

Furthermore, new construction and newly retrofitted buildings are built very tightly so that energy efficiency is maximized. Unfortunately, the lack of air movement in these buildings often promotes the growth of mold and propagation of mold spores, further compounding problems and mitigation or removal expense for builders, building owners and occupants.

“We continue to see a desperate need for mold and noise reduction solutions with commercial and residential architects and builders. By providing superior suppressive plywood and drywall products, we are literally changing the way structures can be and are being built,” said Bruce Donaldson, President of Supress Products, LLC. “These products not only solve acoustic issues, but they save thousands of dollars by eliminating over-building with legacy, low-performance mold-inhibiting and sound-proofing materials.”

Supress SEP-AM, available in 4’x8’ panels, provides exceptional mold suppression (per ASTM D 3273), sound absorption (STC 61-70), impact isolation (IIC 51-74) and vibration absorption. SEP-AM is non-toxic, biodegradable, and the suppressive features are not affected by the exposure to the UV rays in sunlight, allowing builders to place panels conveniently on exposed sites.

In new construction, Supress SEP-AM can be used in place of regular plywood, OSB, as shear, underlayment and subfloor. Supress SEP-AM’s non-metallic qualities ensure there is no interference with cellular reception or wireless networks . For upgrades to existing structures, SEP-AM can be applied directly over existing wood flooring surfaces to gain additional strength, anti-mold, and acoustical performance in standard floor/ceiling assemblies.

Supress SEP-AM cuts and installs as regular plywood or OSB, reducing labor costs and eliminating the need for any special training or equipment for installation. Supress SEP-AM subflooring has square-cut ends and tapered tongue-and-groove long edges, is span-rated and is designed to replace standard subflooring in single-layer or multi-layer floor/ceiling assemblies utilizing either wood or metal joists. Each panel of Supress subfloor is grade-stamped PS 1 Exposure 1.

Supress SEP-AM, is available in the following:

5/8" -- Shear Wall

5/8" -- Floor Underlayment/Upgrade/Remodel

3/4" -- Subfloor-New Construction

1 1/8" -- Subfloor-New Luxury/Commercial Construction

Supress Sound-Engineered Plywood is available through local professional building supply dealers and distributors across the US. Ask your architect or builder/contractor about the Supress solutions or visit, for more information.

About Supress Products
Founded in 2005, Supress Products, LLC, manufactures state-of-the-art suppressive building materials for use by architects and professional builders. Supress Products has revolutionized the building industry with cost-effective and easy-to-install solutions to unwanted sound and noise in residential and commercial structures. The company is actively involved in many industry associations to further the awareness, understanding, and use of advanced building materials that help professionals build higher performance structures. For additional information please visit or call 800-456-4061.

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