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Supress Products Announces Breakthrough Sound and Noise Control Solutions for Commercial and Residential Structures

Innovative Solution Addresses Multi-billion Dollar Problem – In Construction Costs, Lost Square Footage, Human Suffering and Litigation over Unacceptable Noise Levels

San Rafael, CA- December, 2005 – Supress Products, LLC today announced the nationwide availability of its Supress branded Sound-Engineered Drywall, Sound-Engineered Steel, and Sound-Engineered Wood products to address one of the largest problems in building design and construction today – noise and sound control within commercial and residential structures. Specifically designed to meet the needs of multifamily developers, builders, and contractors, Supress products deliver unprecedented sound and noise control in an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, non-metallic, thin panel construction. Existing noisy structures in areas such as common walls, children’s rooms, home theaters can be ‘suppressed’ by simply adding a layer to the existing wall structure. In new construction, Supress panels attach directly to the wall studs or to floor joists.

Sound and noise problems cost developers and building owners billions each year, and the complex problem has only become worse in recent years with the advent of high-performance building techniques and materials such as composite framing members and structural steel components. These approaches allow very safe structures from a seismic and fire safety standpoint, but transfer sound and noise energy throughout buildings, much like a communications network.

Prior to the introduction of Supress, architects and builders needed to design unreasonably thick wall and floor/ceiling structures to help reduce transmitted sound and noise, causing the loss of some $1 billion in floor space annually. These designs were necessary due to the low acoustical performance of legacy building materials such as standard drywall, plywood and dimensional lumber, whose design dates back to the 1950’s. For decades, builders have been layering or sandwiching materials within their wall and floor/ceiling assemblies in an effort to find suitable solutions, often with mixed results. Some solutions employ the use of metal in their construction, which inhibit or prevent the use of wireless networks and devices such as mobile phones, music players and security/home automation, and force additional installation time, expenses, and complexity issues on the job site that require more costly workers.

Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall, Sound-Engineered Steel, and Sound-Engineered Wood

Supress Drywall, wood and steel products are the answers to unwanted sound and noise in residential and commercial structures. Architects as well as professional builders specify Supress™ in their multi-family projects to provide that extra level of quality in their floor/ceiling assemblies and common/ demising walls that today’s buyers demand. Owners of luxury residences use Supress to provide sound absorption in their home theaters, music rooms, children’s rooms and play areas. Commercial operators use Supress in their hotels and motels, recording studios, conference rooms, offices and in factory/warehouse areas.


  • Next-generation, high-performance sound and vibration absorption in a thin panel construction (1/2” and up)
  • Low labor cost: Score, “snap”, and install
  • No special tools or equipment required for installation
  • Safe, non-metallic construction: Does not interfere with cellular reception or wireless network operation
  • Water-based materials for interior use


  • Available in standard 4’ x 8’ panels in ½”. 5/8”, ¾” and 1” thicknesses
  • Fire-Rated (ASTM E 119)
  • Lab (ASTM E 90-04) and field performance-tested

”Architects and Professional Builders have needed simple, standard-sized, non-metallic sound control panels for use in common walls and floor/ceiling areas in their multi-family projects. Supress is pleased to be able to deliver those products through our dealer and distributor partners throughout the US” said Bruce Donaldson, President of Supress Products, LLC.


Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall, Sound-Engineered Steel, and Sound-Engineered Wood are available now through local professional building supply dealers and distributors across the US.

Supress Products
Supress Products, LLC is located in San Rafael, CA, manufactures state-of-the-art building materials for use by architects and professional builders. For additional information please visit or contact Supress at 800-456-4061.


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