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Supress installs easily in standard wall assemblies both in renovation/remodels and in new construction.

Only Supress provides STC 50-62 performance in a 1/2" thick panel with a 1 hour fire rating. For higher levels of soundproofing, up to STC 78+, specify Supress in 5/8", 3/4" home theater or 1" professional recording studio versions.

For commercial construction, Supress further enhances the acoustical performance of metal stud assemblies beyond those of traditional wood studs.

Use Supress Acoustical Sealant at panel edges and for a durable resilient seal around any cut-outs for electrical boxes, pipes, sprinklers, etc.

Supress® Sound-Engineered Drywall (SED and SED-AM)

Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall is the answer to soundproofing residential and commercial structures.

Supress SED can be used in place of regular drywall or applied directly over existing drywall surfaces. Architects and professional builders specify Supress in their multi-family projects to provide that extra level of quality in their floor/ceiling assemblies and common/demising/party walls that today's buyers demand. Owners of luxury residences throughout the US have used Supress to provide sound absorption in their home theaters, music rooms, children's rooms and play areas. Commercial operators use Supress in their hotels and motels, recording studios, conference rooms, offices and in factory/warehouse areas.

  • Next-generation, high-performance sound (STC 50-78+) and vibration absorption in a thin panel construction (1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1" thick)
  • Safe, non-metallic construction: Does not interfere with cellular reception, wireless network, SmartHome, or Home Theater wireless (RF) operation and equipment links
  • Low labor cost: Score, snap, and install
  • No special tools or equipment required for installation
  • Water-based materials for interior use
  • Non load-bearing
  • Fire-rated (ASTM E 84 and ASTM E 119)
  • Lab (ASTM E 90-05) and field performance-tested
  • Supress SED products are available with non-toxic, biodegradeable, anti-mold properties (SED-AM)

Remodeling and Upgrades/Home Theater

Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall can be added directly to the existing standard drywall on one side or on both sides of the wall assembly and to the existing ceiling--no demolition needed! No need to remove the paint from the walls. (Of course, the walls need to be in average or reasonable condition before starting.) An existing room in your home, office or even a whole structure, for example, being converted from apartments to condos, can be readily upgraded. Commercial operators can even Supress existing noisy hotel and motel room walls and ceilings with a single layer applied directly. A truly cost-effective choice for cost-conscious owners and operators. Please contact Supress for recommendations for your specific project.

New Construction

New, sophisticated building codes require architects to create, and builders to produce, structures with exceptional strength and fire-resistance. Unfortunately, these very safe practices result in buildings that are also very efficient at transmitting unwanted noise and sound energy throughout, just like a network. Multi-family buildings are the most prone to these sound complaints due to the close proximity of neighbors, living adjacent, above and below.

Home theaters and living rooms with media centers are also great contributors to unwanted noise.

Building near a busy roadway or an airport? Supress has the answer: Use Supress, instead of regular drywall, in a single, easy-to-install layer on the interior surface of the wall facing the noise source. Want extra luxury performance? Use the next greater thickness of Supress.

Professional Installation

Builders, contractors and their subcontractors like Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall because it installs and finishes just like regular drywall, allowing them to keep their labor costs in line in today's competitive market. And because Supress installs and finishes just like regular drywall, crews do not need to have extensive supervision and training to fit and install Supress in a production environment on the job site. Crews can also use their same familiar tools, saving project time and money.

Planning/Design for Your Project

For the best soundproofing results in your project, please consider the following:

Air and structure-borne sound are very aggressive in nature and tend to spread out through a building's structure. Open attic areas and plenums above acoustical ceilings allow sound to travel through "flanking" the walls below. For example, to suppress the unwanted sound you perceive as coming through a common wall, you may need to extend your coverage to the adjacent hard flooring surfaces, walls, and ceilings including soffits or other architectural elements.

Wall, floor and ceiling penetrations create paths for sound. Make sure that any openings for recessed lighting, audio speakers, electrical outlets, fire sprinklers, etc. are fully sealed, otherwise sound energy may pass through these areas, reducing overall acoustic performance. Doors and windows also create paths for unwanted sound. Remediate or specify the appropriate assembly for the performance desired.

Suppressing sound or noise traveling through walls made of concrete, concrete block, brick or similar materials may require a narrow stand-off such as furring strips or lightweight metal studs in the assembly for maximum acoustic performance. Please discuss the details of your specific application with a Supress representative.

How to Order Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall*

Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall in 4' x 8' panels:


  • 1/2" SED1248--Remodel/Upgrade from Apartment to Condo specs
  • 5/8" SED5848--New Construction/Remodel/Commercial Upgrade
  • 3/4" SED3448--Home Theater/Conference Rooms/Medical Facility (HIPAA)/Music Rehearsal Areas
  • 1" SED4448--Professional Recording Studio/Digital Theater/Concert Hall

    Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall is also available in 4' x 6' (Limited/elevator access urban remodel), 4' x 9', 4' x 10' and 4' x 12' panel sizes in 1/2" and 5/8" thicknesses for production applications.

    *Supress panels are factory-fabricated, composed of a proprietary core encased in heavy natural-finish face paper on each side. The face paper is folded around the long edges to reinforce and protect the core, and the ends are square-cut and finished smooth. Long edges of panels are tapered, allowing joints to be reinforced and concealed with standard joint compound and tape.

How to Install Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall

Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall panels can be cut with a standard utility knife, eliminating the need for special tools, techniques and the installation headaches often associated with other acoustical panels made with metal and/or ceramic layers.

Supress can also be easily cut with standard commercial drywall routers and saws.

  1. Measure the space and cut the panel to size, minimizing the gaps between panels and with other surfaces. Due to the aggressive nature of air- and structure-borne sound, Supress recommends a contiguous application of Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall on all surfaces: Walls-from floor to ceiling and with 100% coverage on ceilings, boxing-in recessed lighting, audio speaker fixtures, etc. with the same thickness of Supress. Every gap between the panels and any cut-outs or penetrations for electrical outlets, pipes, fire sprinkler nozzles, etc. should be sealed with Supress Acoustical Sealant.

  2. After cutting, just place the Supress panel.

  3. After placing the panel in the correct position, use standard drywall screws, of the appropriate length for the material and job, to attach the panel. Supress has detailed instructions available in many languages in our "Downloads Library" .

It's that easy.

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Supress Products

Supress Sound-Engineered Products are available through local professional building supply dealers and distributors throughout the US.



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