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Soundproofing Materials for Commercial Structures

Commercial soundproofing is becoming more and more popular and soundproofing materials are in demand. Destination travelers want to feel as though they are being provided with the utmost privacy. No one wants to be kept up all night on vacation or a business trip by an amorous newly wed couple in the next room, or a family of four sharing the suite at the opposite end of the hallway. The purpose of a quiet getaway is defeated if visitors they can hear the activity of every other guest in the hotel, and, while hypoallergenic pillows and high thread count sheets are nice, they are no consolation for dealing with excessive noise. Similarly, an important business meeting can be ruined instantly if noise from the construction workers outside seeps through the walls and windows of the conference room. Hotel owners and commercial contractors have heard consumers’ demands for a quieter retreat. And Supress Products can deliver the soundproofing materials required to create quieter conference rooms, hotels, and offices.

Using Supress Products’ Soundproofing Materials for Commercial Soundproofing

Supress Products have revolutionized the soundproofing industry, with versatile, easy-to-install soundproofing materials. Our sound-engineered drywall, also known as “SED,” is as thin as 1” with a sound transmission class rating of 50-78. What does that mean? It means our SED will help suppress even the most obnoxious noise. No longer will you ferocious snoring from the next room or the arguing of busy executives in the next office.

Likewise, Supress Products’ sound-engineered plywood has a sound transmission class of 61-70. This special plywood can absorb the kind of noise only a Broadway musical can produces, and is designed to fit under any hardwood floor for maximum noise absorption.

Finally, our proprietary soundproofing adhesive can be used in conjunction with Supress Products’ sound-engineered drywall and plywood, not only in the application of these materials, but also to patch up drafty windows that lead to annoying outside noise.

Ensure hotel guests have a relaxing stay and provide that your employees encounter fewer distractions. Avoid complaints from neighbors and share sensitive information with confidence, knowing it will remain secure.

Whether you are in the middle of construction or considering soundproofing after the fact, Supress Products’ soundproofing materials can help.

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